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Stephen and Grace had a great wedding ceremony in the Curtis Knight Chapel!

3-21-24 Stephen and Grace had a wonderful wedding ceremony attended by friends and Family in the Chapel at Curtis Knight Real Estate in Billerica MA. Curtis was the JP and Laure took photos.  Moses was the best man and he did a fabulous job delivering the rings during the ceremony with an air of class and dignity. But the standout moment of the entire ceremony was at the very beginning when Curtis said “if there is anyone here who can show just reason why this very attractive, very popular couple should not be married today please raise your hand and we will address your concerns here and now!”  The pastor from their church, Reverend John raised his hand so that he could be recognized. Curtis said “yes reverend John what do you have to say to this couple on their wedding day?”  And he said “I wish them…” and then he paused for a moment and then he continued “love, good health, prosperity and happiness!” This was followed by a huge round of applause! Congratulations to this very happy couple 🙂