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George & Kasia Wedding Highlights from Curtis Knight on Vimeo.

Michael + Tara Highlight Wedding Highlights from Curtis Knight on Vimeo.

2 shooters,
gimble/drone footage, up to 3 locations, 2 shooters, separate Bride and Groom get ready, 25-45 minutes cinematic style editing with Royalty Free music

Danielle And Rob Wedding Highlights from Curtis Knight on Vimeo.

Our most popular, most requested, least expensive package is $2000.

Thank you to the brides of Wedding Wire and the Knot for voting CKE’s Video and Film making “best of” again this year!  If you want video and want to have the least expensive package get one Shooter. If you want Video and want a more in depth, comprehensive, cinematic presentation get two Shooters.
Complete Video Package

Price: $2,500.00

Here is a sample video shot by 2 videographers: Prices start at $2100

Here is a video shot by one videographer: Prices start at $2000

Read this if you there is a chance you might NOT have Video for your celebration:

A Survey commissioned by the Wedding & Event Videographers Association International (WEVA), shows 98% of 30,000+ Brides polled recommend Wedding Video. 98% of past brides asked said brides should indeed have their weddings videotaped. Brides, as a whole still don’t appreciate the value of video until after their wedding has passed, and they are looking back in hind sight. Before their wedding, 50% of brides asked said video was in their “Top 10” services. After the wedding, 75% of brides said they should have had it in their top 10. 38% of those surveyed did not have their weddings videotaped by anyone, and now strongly wish they had. 63% tell future brides to hire a professional videographer.

Video does a better job of capturing the passion, feelings and emotion of your celebration, and brides surveyed said their belief is that future children will appreciate video more than photographs. Today’s bride says it is crucial to have your wedding video delivered to you either on Blu Ray or on DVD. When asked: “If you had a choice between looking at your grandparents’ wedding photos or their wedding video, which would you choose?” 61% of these brides (30,000+) said they would rather see the video.

Finally, Brides always tell me after they watch the video that I send them, that they cannot believe how much they now see in the video that they did not see on the day of their celebration! Call me if you have questions. It’s no obligation and I am happy to tell you everything I know.

Inside tip for Video:  If your celebration requires 3 locations to shoot video at, like maybe 1) at home, getting ready, 2) at the church, 3) at the reception venue, you might consider 2 shooters.  One will get  a full hanging dress, flowers/rings/shoes and more, as part of “getting ready”.  Then, that shooter will either follow the bride to the church, or head straight for the reception venue.   The other shooter heads to the Ceremony and is there plenty early, to get all the set up shots and be comfortably ready for the bride to arrive.   Then one or both can get the pre-reception decorations such as all the place cards,  cake, empty room etc… before they are corrupted by the arriving guest.

Here is an article by Ariane Fisher about wedding video which expresses the regret brides feel after
their wedding when they realize that they should have gotten video of their wedding day …

98 Percent of Brides Regret This Choice After Their Weddings

Like most brides, I looked forward to my wedding for 4 reasons:

  1. I was marrying a man better than I ever could have dreamed for myself
  2. The Big Day was a creative outlet for my DIY dreams
  3. Friends and Family were coming together from all across the country
  4. Biggest. Party. Ever.

After the wedding, here is what I had to show for it:

  • Gorgeous photos
  • A preserved wedding gown
  • Stories from friends and family about it being the best party, not just wedding, they had ever attended

Cue the regret. Like most brides, I budgeted for photos, but not wedding video. Like 98 percent of brides who make that decision, I regretted not getting a wedding video.

The photos bring back great memories, but let’s talk first dance. My fiancé surprised me with dance lessons soon after we were engaged. We spent months with a choreographer learning our first dance. We were in our own world on that dance floor. It was like the whole world melted away as we waltzed to Louis Armstrong.

In my mind, we were going to dance it again every year on our anniversary. We would never forget the steps. Our first anniversary, I was away on a business trip. Our second anniversary was the due date of our first baby. By the third anniversary, the steps were long forgotten.

Now let’s talk family and friends. Big family. Lots of friends. About 200 people flying in from all over the country. The award goes to Australia. It was the last family gathering for both of our grandmothers. The last one. No one wants to think about it, but it’s real. When else are you going to hear marriage advice from your grandmother. When else is she going to warn your husbands about your temper tantrums at the age of five?

It was also one of the last times we were to see one of my husband’s good friends. He died just a couple of years later in a snowmobile accident. We partied with him til 1am that night. Good times.

Lastly, the party. Oh the party. The live bar band. The Jack Daniels, for which I took so much crap in my last post. Yes, I drank at my wedding. Yes, I drank a lot. So did all the guests. Except the kids. They were running around with straws up their noses. It was a blast. We all had a great time.

And photos just aren’t enough to hold on to years later.