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The activities which can enrich the life of any older adult

 The activities which can enrich the life of any older adult
by freelance contributor Sally Perkins

Affordable Ways to Add Breathtaking Beauty to An Indoor Wedding Reception

In the USA, the average cost of a wedding is $35,641, according to While a beautiful wedding and reception are undoubtedly well worth spending money on, there are affordable ways to add breathtaking beauty to indoor wedding reception décor, which may help you to lower the final tab for your very special event. When you add hanging flower baskets, choose colorful glassware for table settings and utilize indoor water features, you’ll glamorize your reception venue and show off your personal style.


Add Hanging Flower Baskets

Flowers aren’t just for table settings. In fact, they are often used to better effect when they are suspended above banquet tables, in hanging baskets, according to Then, they don’t obstruct views at the table and they also keep the eyes of wedding guests moving upward, which is great news if the carpeting or flooring at a reception venue isn’t first-rate. The flowers and baskets don’t have to cost a bundle. If you want to save money, look for cheap baskets, fill them with colorful blooms that cost a few bucks apiece and then suspend them with care. Make sure that they are completely secure.


Choose Colorful Glassware for Table Settings

Red, citrine or cobalt glassware takes on a “lit from within” glow in candlelight, or while displayed under glittering crystal chandeliers. Colored glassware is available at dollar stores and looks amazingly costly and rich when combined with nice plates, tablecloths and cutlery. Use this type of glassware to add jewel-like beauty to table settings (and to make wedding guests feel like royalty). One easy option is placing ruby-hued wine glasses or water glasses on banquet tables, for a pop of color that is glamorous, timeless and exciting.


Utilize Indoor Water Features

The tables at your wedding reception will be noticed by your guests. They are the places where your guests will hang out when they aren’t dancing. According to, a lot of wedding guests spend time worrying about which table they have been placed at. With all of this in mind, you should take care to make tables as beautiful as possible. One original and gorgeous table centerpiece option is an indoor table bubble fountain. With this type of fountain, the water is enclosed in a transparent, sculptural form, and bubbles within the water travel up and down.


Get Help with Wedding Planning

Doing some of the wedding and reception preparation yourself is smart, but don’t be afraid to outsource the tough stuff, such as general lighting for the event, A/V equipment setup and music. When you add hanging flower baskets, choose brightly-hued glassware and add table bubble fountains to your reception décor, you’ll be choosing glamorous design elements that make your reception breathtakingly beautiful, without busting your budget.