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Photo Booth Pet Props

Larger than life Pet Photos ( or human photos )  in your Photo Booth.  Yup, Just give us photos of your Special Family Members ( 1 – 4 = $500 )  – Dogs, cats, monkeys, rabbits, Orangutans, Gerbils – you name it.   We get it.   They should be a part of your wedding because they are an important part of your family.  We will make them larger than life and mount them on special prop sticks.  Then they will be sent with your photo booth and made available to your guests.   You get to keep these props.  They will be handed to you, along with your Photo Booth Album at the end of your celebration.   A $500 add on for 1 – 4 pets ( or humans ) .  $100 per additional pet or human.
We are happy to shoot photos of the people or pets you want to feature on your photo booth props.  $300 per photo session.


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