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Event Planning Videos by Curtis Knight
Valuable Tips and tricks you need

0001 Event Prep, the Bar, the Photo Booth, The DJ
0002  When to Book Vendors and Venue
0003 Event timing. The length of your Celebration is important.
0004 In Advance, Divide your wedding Day into 3 parts
0005 Timeline for your Event
0006  First Look
0007 Ceremony: Key Components
0008 Cocktail hour, Cocktail music, Cocktails
0009 Grand Entrance – Pose and Routine
0010 Blessing
0011 Bride and Groom Thank you Speech
0012 Toasts
0013 Cake Cutting
0014 Special Dances
0016 Centerpieces
0017 Group Photo
0018 Sweet Caroline Dance Floor Opener
0019 Bouquet and Garter toss
0020 Bride, if you want dancing, dance
0021 Hiring Vendors. Trust the good ones
0022 Last Dance
0023 Your meeting with CKE: Just give us “today’s answer”!
0024 Your Final Meeting with CKE: Is that your “final answer?” 

I recommend that if you are planning to create and execute a perfectly timed and presented event that you watch all of these learning videos.   They are short and jam packed with lots of valuable information that I have learned over the years.   In 10 minutes you can learn enough to avoid mistakes that many people make over and over when organizing a celebration of any kind …Simple things, like not making your event too long, or being sure there is a sound system for your ceremony with two microphones  are so important.  Being sure to have a fully populated time line is key.    Hiring the right people and knowing how to communicate with them and how to relate to them is important.   All of that is contained in these videos.  If I have been too brief or unclear on any of the material covered in these videos please do Text or call my cell at 978-590-5910 or email me at   The easiest place to get me is at my desk.   I am there many hours each day at 978-590-5910.  Happy learning.

Also, any topic you want me to cover just send me a message and I will make a video on that topic if we decide it is worthy.