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Justice of the Peace

08-02-16 regarding her wedding 07-30-16: Forgot to mention, so many people asked for your name they said you [ Curtis ] are by far the best JP they've ever heard! One couple said they saw you at another wedding and can't believe how consistently amazing you are! Thank you! Micaela Darmody

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If we provide JP ( Justice of the peace ) service for your Ceremony, here is what you get:

Justice Of The Peace

Price: $500.00
Our Justice of the peace division boasts 16 of the best Justices in New England, we think. We will help create and plan your perfect Ceremony. Then we will attend your rehearsal and make sure everyone knows what to do when, and that everyone is comfortable and happy. We will present your Ceremony of the day of your Wedding, and then, we will file your License with the Town Clerk’s office where you got it from. Watch this video of Curtis Knight as JP.

Leave it all to us. CKE has been selected once again as best of class. Rated in the top 1% of more than 200,000 wedding service companies in the USA and Canada. When you have questions or you are ready to book your Justice of the Peace.

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If we provide JP ( Justice of the peace ) service for your Ceremony, here is what you get:
- We create your Ceremony with you.
– We attend your Rehearsal making sure everyone is happy and comfortable.
– We present your Ceremony on the day of your Wedding.
– We file your License with the Town Clerk that issued it to you.

Custom Ceremony

We offer personalized, custom wedding ceremonies that can be religious, civil, interfaith, non-denominational or whatever else you like.  Please scroll down for a very nifty ceremony tip:

Multi Language

We offer bilingual wedding officiates who speak Spanish And Portuguese and more.

Any type of Ceremony

We are happy to provide a talented JP for your renewal of vows, second marriage, anniversary and more. Whether your wedding is formal, traditional, contemporary or elegant and we take pride in giving you what you want.

Short, Medium or Long

We can make your ceremony as long or as short as you like. Average is about 17 – 18 minutes.   If you add some extra components it could be 22 – 25 minutes. We frequently do 10 – 12 minute ceremonies when the couple tells us this is their desire.

Any type of Wedding Ceremony

If you want to jump the broom, drink wine, light candles, have a sand ceremony...whatever it is we are thrilled to present it with you to your family and friends.  We do many weddings each year for people from all over the world.  Have your wedding ceremony in CKE Chapel located in Curtis Knight Entertainment office head Quarters, 644 Boston, Road, Billerica, MA.  Ugandan weddings, Uganda, Kenyan weddings, Kenya, Nigerian Wedding weddings, Nigeria, Niger, South African Weddings, South Africa, Spanish wedding ceremonies, Portuguese wedding ceremonies and custom wedding ceremonies.

Online Planning Forms

Use our online ceremony planning form to tell us your own unique style, and let us do the rest. Many couples are too busy and have no time to create their ceremony. The planning form is optional. Skip it if you are crazy busy.

We are happy to do it all

We are happy to do 100% of the creation and planning of your ceremony. Many of our couples have told us they LOVE this feature. Just tell us in one sentence, if you want, what type of ceremony you want. Example: “Make my ceremony short and exciting” or Make my ceremony personal and loving and don’t let it be over too fast” or “make my ceremony have everything in it and give me all the ceremonies and the readings – the works!” We take care of the rest and it turns out to be …Breathtaking. Tell us nothing and we will surprise you with a well-tailored ceremony that will WOW your friends and family!

Custom Ceremony Work Sheet for you

Just ask for my custom Ceremony Ideas for suggestions and tips. I will e-mail attach a copy to you.  You may create your own marriage vows and incorporate anything you like and then save a new copy of the Word doc that I will have sent you.

Ceremony tip:

Ask your JP to step away before he / she pronounces you married, so that you will be alone in the photo of your first kiss as a married couple!