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Google Favorite Place

We’re a Google Favorite Place!

This letter was sent to Curtis Knight Entertainment by Google:
Here are excerpts:   “Congratulations!  You’re a favorite place on Google. Between December 1 and February 28, Curtis Knight Entertainment was one of the most popular Local businesses on Google, as measured by how many times people found your business listing and clicked on it for more information.  You’re one of less than 250,000 businesses in the U.S. to receive this recognition; that’s less than 1% of all businesses.”  Congratulations on your popularity on Google. We’re looking forward to providing you with more and better ways to grow your business.

CKE welcomes new clients from the Boston, MA area and 6 New England states.  Curtis Knight Entertainment tries to give back to the community and to our clients by offering valuable and educational content on our website.   We want to show you how to plan and present a wonderfully times and executed celebration.   If you want the videos on the FAQ page there is a lot of great information where you can learn valuable tips and tricks to use when you create your special day for your guests, friends and family.

Use Googles to find the pages relevant to CKE.  If you search a service you want and add Curtis Knight to your search query, you will sometimes find a blog post or a Google plus post that might have valuable insights for you.

Happy searching and learning and please do not hesitate to contact me 978-590-5910 any time with questions and updates and click here if you want to request information and here if you want to schedule a meeting with CKE.

A photo of CKE Office Located at 644 Boston Road, Billerica, MA

CKE Office Located at 644 Boston Road, Billerica, MA