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How to hire vendors with confidence, find good vendors and let them do what they do the way that they do it that made them be popular. Many clients search for vendors that have a high percentage of 5 star reviews and that is a good way to find good people. After a vendor is hired, if the vendor is well known and has a lot of really good reviews I recommend that you listen carefully to what the vendor has to say and maybe even be willing to change your thinking to allow this vendor to do the great job they are known for. Vendors with multiple 5 star reviews have experience and they have a network of people that love what they do. These are the vendors to trust. When I am hired as a DJ or Photographer I find that the best outcomes are usually from the clients that appear to care the least. They barely communicate with me, have very few questions and tell me to fill in the gaps and handle all the non-mission critical decisions. In sharp contrast the clients that constantly contact me and ask lots questions and make lots of changes sometimes do not appear to be as happy and satisfied after their celebration day has passed. There are 2 old expressions that I live by: “The bird of paradise lights only upon the hand that does not grasp” and “The more precisely you plan, the harder destiny will hit you.” I love them both.
In layman’s terms if you can keep your hands off of the steering wheel because you trust the driver that could be one of the secrets to a wonderful celebration. Small changes are fine. Ask the vendor what his / her opinion is. Trust your vendor if he / she has a great reputation and lots of great reviews. When hiring your DJ let the DJ be who they are and do not try and take over and change their behavior. Hire a DJ that does a really good job and then let them do a great job. Trust their instincts and give them discretionary authority. When a bride and groom empower me and enable me and do not micromanage me the outcome is usually the best. Turn a good Vendor loose and trust him/her.
Factoid: During May, June, September and October nearly 50% of all weddings occur.