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Should you do a Group Photo on your wedding Day and if so what do you need to do? In advance, tell your MC ( Master of Ceremonies ) and your photographer that you want them to make the Group Photo Happen. Group Photo – All guests attending your celebration. When I am the DJ / MC at a wedding I do the group photo near the end of Dinner. With about 15 minutes to go until I open the dance floor I do the Centerpiece giveaway, immediately into the Group Photo, and then while we have the entire group on the dance floor for a photo, I start the dancing with a completely mobbed Dance floor.
I always announce with a twinkle in my eye and a smile, that “This Group Photo will be handed down through the generations that come after you…and will hang in Mr and Mrs _______’s house, over the fireplace for the next 1000 years and more.”
Tell your DJ and your Photographer, in advance, that you want a group photo of all attending. They need to know in advance so they are able to do their due diligence and be prepared when the time comes.
After Centerpiece Giveaway we ask all guests to assemble on dance floor and scooch as close to the center as possible. “Two wonderful families combining to form one great family photo.”
Bride and Groom in the front, center .
Photographer uses wide angle lens, stands on chair.
I act as the sound system for the photographer and everything he / she says I repeat to the crowd attending the celebration.
1) One shot with all guests smiling.
2) One shot with all guests smiling and Bride and Groom share a kiss
3) One shot with all guests waving and yelling “heyyyyy” ( Creates a smile when you yell “hey”).
Once we have the good shots then we transition into an interaction, and then we open the extremely packed dance floor.