Curtis Knight Entertainment - Boston Wedding DJ


The how, when, where of Cake Cutting on your wedding day.   Cutting the cake takes place after your first course.   Usually First course is Salad, soup or Sorbet.  In advance, if I am your DJ you will plan with me and we will have your details straight.   Cake Cutting happens 20 minutes into dinner, after the first course.  DJ will Check with coordinator first.
I will always ask the staff to help me and move cake to center of dance floor.  This makes it more visible for your guest who’re viewing from many directions.  I will rotate your cake for best viewing and best photo.  I always ask the photographer and Videographer where he or she wants the Bride and Groom to stand.  I will always offer the photo and video to orient themselves at 10:00 and 2:00 so that they are not in each other’s shot, unless it looks like they already have it figured out.

I make sure there are: 2 plates, 2 forks, cutting knife, serving knife.   Ask married couple if they are ready.  I will then explain the process: Take the cutting knife, do 3 cuts, which are the left side of your piece of cake the right side of your piece of cake and the back.  Then take the serving knife and scoop it up and put it on your designated plate.  Once I have explained how to cut and remove each piece of cake we then cut, cut, feed, feed, kiss, kiss. Ladies before gentlemen, which means the Bride goes first each time.  I ask all people with cameras and camera phones to please come up close and I good naturedly remind them that when they leave this wedding tonight they are all uploading to Facebook, Pinterest and Instagram, and I plead with them to get up out of their seats and draw near so that they will get the best possible photos.  Then, when it is time for the bride to feed the groom I ask her to please do the feeding “Hollywood Style” in slow motion, so we can all be sure to get a photo of it.  As a spoof, the Groom can cut a huge piece of cake and make believe he is going to smush the bride …but don’t.