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European Wax Center parties hard, 01-06-23

Curtis and Laure were the DJ’s and the photographers for this crazy fun and enjoyable party on January 6, 2023.  European Wax Center is a place where people go for “Brazilian, Brow, Body, Face” upgrades and this party was for the talented technicians, beauticians and service people to make European Wax Center the success that it is. This party had three of the locations attending and there were a few more that were not present. Even though people from different locations didn’t know each other they instantly bonded, hugged, high fived, yelled, screamed, laughed and danced. We also played a elimination round tape game of LRC which stands for left right center. It’s a fun game that involves dice that have the letters LR&C and when your turn comes and you roll the dice if the L is facing up you have to hand one of your coins to the person to your left If one of the Dice has the letter R facing up you have to hand one of your coins to the person on your right and if one of the dice has the letter C facing up you have to take one of your coins and put it in the center of the table in the pot. There was a lot of cheering and yelling as we narrowed it down from five separate game tables to five separate winners and then all 5 of those winners converged on one table to compete and find the exalted winner. She was presented with a very nice gift and a lot of hugs and handshakes. The spirit and personality of a company most often comes from the top down, and the owners of the company Pam and Kerry were so sweet and so loving it was obvious why the people who work at all these locations love them. There was a table with a grab feature so that each person who attended the party could walk up to the table and take the gift of their choice. There were also many presents give it away to people who had achieved certain milestones and several handfuls of cash as well. Special mention to Spinelli’s where the party was held. The staff was 100% friendly and attentive and the food was off the charts delicious, which is my usual experience at Spinelli’s in Lynnfield 🙂 Call/Text Curtis at 978-590-5910.  Or email to have CKE (Curtis Knight Entertainment) DJ, Karaoke, Photos, Photo Booth, Uplighting & Video for your special event.

Wreaths across America 12-17-22, Billerica, MA.

On December 17, 2022 Curtis and Laure were DJ’s and photographers for wreaths across America at Fox Hill Cemetery, 130 Andover Rd, Billerica MA. This was a ceremony of remembrance and grateful acknowledgement of those who paid the ultimate price, made the ultimate sacrifice for the good of their fellow Americans. It was our privilege to be part of the ceremony which was followed by the laying of the 2000 wreaths.  Thank you to Jessica Terra, Jill Bent, Teri Reinhart of WL French Excavating for their overwhelming generosity, and for making this event happen.