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  Amazon on CKE!   Curtis Knight Entertainment has partnered with to bring you Amazon on CKE: Fast.  Easy.  Secure.Pay with Amazon 200x41

Log in and Pay with your Amazon info.   Purchasing services from CKE ( Curtis Knight Entertainment) is easier and safer than ever!  Harness the power of Amazon Payments when you check out from the CKE web Store .  Breeze through our checkout process with your discount and without having to enter your shipping address or payment information, by accessing the settings stored in your Amazon account. You are protected by the Amazon A-to-z Guarantee when you make a qualified purchase using Amazon Payments!

Why Log in and Pay with Amazon on CKE ?
 Pay for your CKE services – your DJ, Photography, Videography, Uplighting Photo booth –  with convenience, trust and security. Log in with Amazon and complete your checkout process without having to enter your shipping address or payment information by hand because you will have access to all of the shipping and payment settings stored in your Amazon Payments account, allowing you to check out on CKE in seconds. Your payment information is confidential and secure. Using Amazon on CKE you qualify Amazon’s A-to-z Guarantee when you make qualified purchases using Amazon Payments!

How do I use Amazon on CKE?
 Use the CKE on  store to select all of your services, for your upcoming event.   The more you select the more you save.  Truly. Once you have all your shopping done, go to your cart and click on check out.  When you get to check out, look for your discount, and add it to your cart.   Then you will see a list of choices for payment:  MasterCard, Visa, Discover, Amex, PayPal and Amazon.  Simply click the Amazon button.  it will prompt you for your user name and password.  Once you enter your log in info, proceed to check out and place your order. Fast.  Easy.  Secure.   .

Do I need a separate Amazon account?
No.  Your existing account with Amazon is accessed from the CKE site and you pay with your normal Amazon account.

Does Amazon share any of my personal info with CKE?
 Not really.  Amazon shares basic information such as your name, email address, and phone number. This is required by the sellers to fulfill your purchase and contact you directly for any service related matters. Without your consent, Amazon will not share your financial information such as your billing address or credit card number.

What protection does Amazon afford me?
  Amazon offers an A-to-z Guarantee Protection for Buyers for qualified purchases. The delivery of your CKE services are guaranteed under the Amazon A-to-z Guarantee for qualified purchases.

Can I track my Amazon on CKE Payment transactions?
Yes. Track your transactions in the “Your Account” section of after you log in with your Amazon credentials. On the “Your Account” page, you can see a list of past orders made using Amazon Payments. You can also specify date ranges and transaction type filters to view the transactions you are interested in. If you like, click on any transaction through the list to view the details of that transaction, such as the date when you placed the order and the actual amount that you have been charged or refunded with the dates included.

How can I cancel an order that I made using Amazon Payments?
Cancel an order that you made using Amazon on CKE the same way that you cancel any order on Amazon. Simply log into your Amazon account. If the order is cancellable, you will see a “cancel” button. If you do not see a “cancel” button, it means your order has already entered our systems for processing or it is not able to be cancelled.  example:  If Rene Rancourt has been scheduled for an appearance, his fee is not refundable.   If you have order a GOBO and we have already had it custom made, that is not refundable.  Cancellations are not guaranteed if the product has already been custom ordered or if it is a Rene Rancourt appearance.  We try to be more than fair with cancellations because we know that these things happen for a reason and most times there is stress involved.   We try to remove your stress whenever we can.

What kind of notifications will I receive for my payments using Amazon Payments?
 CKE will send you an order confirmation email when you place your order. Amazon Payments may also send you emails regarding the exact same order so you can track your payments and refunds. You’ll also receive a “Payment Authorized” email when you place an order using Amazon Payments on CKE.

How do I locate my Amazon Payments transactions on my credit card statement?
 Amazon Payments transactions will have a descriptor format that includes CKE in the description …you will also recognize the amount of the payment.   Any questions – just give CKE customer service a call at 866-667-8910.   You can look for that descriptor on your credit card statement to identify Amazon Payments transactions.

Can I use Amazon Payments for all products that are available on CKE?

Can I go shopping for CKE award winning services right now ?
 Yes!  Click through to our Online Store
Pay with Amazon

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