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Sunshine Gals feed Billerica residents!

Monday, December 23, 2019 – Curtis was the DJ MC and shot Still Photos.  Jo Leary, Santa Claus and many of the friends and family of the Sunshine Gals gave out all the presents and served the meal.  Everyone who attended this gala was given a special tin of cookies as a Christmas present from the Sunshine Gals.   Jo Leary was awesome as usual and danced and pranced, as she skipped around the room giving away the gifts.   She took the microphone from Curtis and made the event special.  This is the Annual Gala / meal put on by the Sunshine Gals of Billerica .   Between 100 and 150 people attended and were treated to a complete dinner with all the fixings, Dessert, drinks – the works.  The Sunshine Gals assigned one or more volunteer members to each of the tables and they delivered all the food like a 5 star restaurant would.  All of these folks, including Santa volunteer their time to give folks a place to come for a hot meal and a family atmosphere at Christmas time – Bless their hearts, one and all.