Curtis Knight Entertainment - Boston Wedding DJ

Natalie and Scott’s Wedding Reception. 09-24-22

Curtis and Laure were the DJs and photographers for Natalie and Scott’s wedding reception at the Nabnassett Lake Country club in Westford MA. The guests were crazy and bouncing off the walls, and it was a very fun wedding reception with lots of singing along and crazy dancing. Scott provided music recorded by his grandmother Shirley, and we played these songs during the reception for people to dance to and for their final dance of the evening as husband and wife. We had a 45 inch 4K TV set up and as we took the photos we re touched them and loaded them wirelessly to the ongoing slide show. Groups of people gathered in front of the TV and pointed screamed and laughed as they watched the images go by. At the end of the party a large number of people chanted “One more song! One more song!” and that is the definition of a great wedding reception 🙂