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JP – Justice of the peace for your Wedding! New Rules.

Requirements for getting a Massachusetts Marriage License. 
What you need to know:

– You both have to apply at any Town Clerk Office in MA.
– You both must present either a Birth Certificate or a Passport to Town Clerk.
– You will wait 3 days and go back for your License.  
– License is good for 60 days from issue date.
– You bring that marriage license to your wedding ceremony and hand it to your JP. 
– JP (Justice of the Peace) will fill out proper information and mail back to Town Clerk.
–  Town clerk does not have to be in the town where you live or the town where the Ceremony is to take place.  It can be ANY Town Clerk in        any town in MA.
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Note:  Recently the rules for getting your marriage license have changed. Up until very recently you could go to the town clerk in any of our 351 cities and towns in Massachusetts and apply in person for your marriage license. This required both fiancées to be present and the requirement was a government issued photo ID. Typically a driver’s license was used. There is a new requirement and drivers licenses are no longer accepted. You must present either a birth certificate or a passport. Both of you need to apply at the counter of the Town Clerk.

–  We create your Ceremony.
–  We attend your Rehearsal making sure everyone is happy and comfortable.
–  We present your Ceremony on the day of your Wedding.
–  We file your License with the Town Clerk that issued it to you.
–  Town Clerk will mail or you pick up final, completed version.