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Ali and Matt’s Wedding Ceremony and Reception 09-03-22

September 3 2022 Curtis and Laure were are the DJ’s and photographers, and Curtis was the JP for Ali and Matt’s Wedding Ceremony and Reception at the Maynard Road and Gun Club, Maynard, MA. . Scott and Melissa were DJ mixers and Steven and Megan were attendants for the photo booth. The staff was run by Julie who was extraordinary in every way. She helped the bride the groom all of the people from our company, all the people that work there, all of the guests and the caterers as well. Ali and Matt had a wonderful time and did a lot of laughing and hugging and kissing. The ceremony was beside the pond that is behind the club and the reception was inside the pavilion which is a large covered structure that is open on the sides. The staff lit tiki torches in the evening which kept the bugs away 100%. There is no power outlet down by the pond so we brought a battery based generator and took care of the music and microphones for the ceremony. Curtis was the JP while Rich did sound and Laure took photos. The gun club instructed the people firing at the gun range to ceasefire for the 1/2 hour that surrounded the ceremony so it was just the quiet sounds of nature in the background while they had their beautiful ceremony which set the tone for a wonderful wedding day.