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CKE Photographer Jim Hoopes CKE Photographer Jim Hoopes

( Before you hear from Jim in his own words, please allow me to introduce him by saying that he is one of the more talented shooters and professional, on time, get the job done, always in a good mood poised gentlemen I have had the pleasure of meeting.   Do not hesitate.   If Jim Hoopes is available on your date, hire him. – Curtis )

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Jim who?  Hi, I’m Jim Hoopes. I know, strange last name. ( “I’m going down to the gym and shoot some hoops.” – phonetically)

My inspiration was Ansel Adams and my teacher was Ted, my father in law. It was in that wonderful environment that I struggled through the basics of how cameras work. I studied with Dennis Reggie who virtually single-handedly invented contemporary wedding photojournalism. Dennis had been a sports photographer and he constantly talked about “capturing the peak of the action” (you know, the moment the guy catches the football just as he crosses the goal line.)

Well, wedding photojournalism emphasizes a non-intrusive style of candid and spontaneous photographs and images that capture emotion. It tells a story using a series or sequence where each photograph is treated as part of a whole with a sense of development, a beginning, middle and end, not just self-contained or stand-alone portraits.  I also studied with Monte Zucker who was really an old-time, classical studio photographer whose emphasis was on artistic lighting. He taught me how studio techniques could be applied seamlessly to weddings to capture the beauty of fine lighting and excellent composition characteristic of classic portraiture.

If I had to describe my own style I would say it has a strong photojournalist look with a distinct classic undercurrent. What I mean by that is that I spend most of my time at weddings taking candids and telling the story of the day. But I do value beautiful images, well lit and well composed images that will stand the test of time. So unlike many pure photojournalists I like portraits though my approach to portraiture is not particularly static. I like action shots, I like fun shots, I like romance and I do a lot of what I call ‘assisted candids’ – images which are intended to look candid and don’t acknowledge the presence of a camera, but don’t just happen – images where I don’t set up a pose so much as a situation or an activity.

As a wedding photographer I take very seriously the idea that you are getting an heirloom work of art which will have a long useful life and will be the repository of most of your future memories of this special day. Making that for you is one of the most satisfying things I do.  I will be excited to shoot you.