Curtis Knight Entertainment - Boston Wedding DJ


Special Dances are often referred to as Parent Dances. Special Dances should be organized carefully in advance to ensure that when it is time for the dances to happen everyone is in the loop and on the same page. Very Important: Organize and plan them in advance. First, the ask room coordinator for permission. Next, ask Bride and Groom if they are ready. If they are not ready, as their DJ, I will tell them I will be back in 5 minutes. It is important to not let things fall behind because the Bride and Groom are going table to table welcoming and thanking their guests personally. This can slow down the timeline and make the guests antsy and then they want to leave. So, As your DJ I will gently remind you that we need to do these dances now, so that we can open the dance floor and let your guests start the dancing segment of your celebration. Special Dances or Parent Dances have to happen, sometime during dinner. Usually we will have the bride and Groom seated after their first dance and start their dinner. 20 minutes after that we cut the cake and then 20 – 30 minutes after that, preferably when they have each finished their entree, we will present the Special Dances / Parent Dances. I ask them to each get their dance partners, which usually means Bride gets her Dad, Groom gets his Mom. All 5 of us meet and discuss details. I, as your DJ explain the entire process of how you will walk, where you will stand etc. I make sure all 4 know to do things slowly for the benefit of the photos and video. The two that are not currently dancing should watch intently and I do mention this to them, because over the years as we watch the wedding video and look at the wedding photos we want to see the Bride and Groom each watching with laser focus when their spouse is having a special dance with their parent. Important: DJ needs to make the announcement so everyone knows what is happening when.