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The Shoe Game has proven to be such a winner I use it at every wedding, even if I have to do some urging and cajoling to make it happen. It is always enjoyed immensely and can be a game changer and a deal maker for any wedding. To synopsize, The shoe game is a must for every wedding. If your DJ is good, trust him / her to do Shoe Game.
The shoe Game happens near end of dinner with about 15 min till dancing. I, as your DJ explain over the mic to your guests in detail what will happen. The Bride and Groom each have a Bride and Groom shoe – one of each. Bride and groom are back to back – center dance floor. Answer questions by raising whichever shoe applies. Then, I tell only the bride and Groom quietly “Answer to final question is both shoes up as high as you can. (“Who loves the other one more ?”)
Then the on Mic instructions and explanation begin. “Mr and Mrs ____ have asked me to thank you for being here today. If you are here it is because we love you, and we wanted you to be here with us on this very important day. So thak you for being here…Now let’s found out, at this point in their amazing journey as husband and wife, who knows who better.”
DJ explains how the game works while Bride and Groom stand back to back. DJ asks 10 questions, with no editorial comments from DJ. After shoe game, it’s time for Centerpiece Giveaway, Group photo, Sweet Caroline singing contest, an interaction between two teams that take up the entire dance floor, and then open the dance floor.
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