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When planning your event, be sure the bar is in the Reception Room. Be sure that Photo Booth is in the reception Room. DJ table must be at edge of dance floor. Feed your vendors with your guests. Send an invitation to each vendor ( Photo, Video, Photo Booth, DJ, Band, Uplighting ) and seat them all as guests.   If you are unsure about how to proceed planning your wedding day contact someone who is well known in the wedding business, like me for instance, and ask a bunch of questions.  We are happy to help you and to guide you.   It is what we do.  You can ask a set of prepared questions or you can say “Hello Curtis, my wedding is at Harris’ Pelham Inn (wedding venue) from this time to those time.  Do you have any words of wisdom or any dos and don’ts?”   I always a lot to say.  For instance when a bride tells me her wedding is at Harris’ Pelham Inn I immediately tell her that as her photographer I will want to get shots at the pergola, the gazeebo and …down by the lake, which is about a 100 yard walk, and the photos are breathtaking.   I have noticed that many photographers skip the lake and use either the gazeebo or the pergola.   By calling me, even if she does not use me as he photographer, she now has the idea to get photos at all 3 locations.

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