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Fill the Dance Floor | Wedding DJ Tips

Most brides and Grooms use the dance floor as the barometer of success when they give their wedding day a grade. During the wedding celebration, as soon as the dancing starts, after dinner, if the new Bride and groom look over to the dance floor and see virtually all of their guests on the dance floor dancing, yelling, screaming, laughing and in general just having a great time, they think to themselves that they have succeeded in putting on a great wedding. Sometimes a Bride and Groom do not care to dance so they leave the dancing to their guests, thinking that the party and the dancing is for the guests and not for them. They feel that they should go table to table and chit chat with their guests catching up on old times and thanking them individually for attending today’s celebration. This can be tricky. If the Bride and Groom are not on the dance floor with their guests often the guests will tune out or feel abandoned by their hosts and they will either sit down and stop dancing or even worse they will leave the celebration early. What I have learned is that in many cases or even most cases if the Bride and Groom are on the dance floor the guests will be too. The mood and attitude of the Bride and Groom will be mirrored by the guests, almost always. If the Bride and Groom are crazy and excited the guests will be too. From the very beginning of the dancing segment, if the Bride and Groom want dancing to happen, they need to be in the middle of the dance floor having fun with their guests. Secret weapon: Even one hour of open bar will usually have a dramatic effect on the dancing and almost always ensures a packed dance floor and a lot of crazy behavior. So how much does open bar cost? My personal guestimate is $15 – $25 per person for an entire 4 hour celebration and $10 per person for one hour. I would plan on $20 per person for 4 hours and you will not be far off. Again, it is some of the best money you will spend as it has a profound effect on your guests.