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How do we transition and open the dance floor on your wedding day. When you hear a DJ say “The dance floor is open” that is usually the sign that it is not going to be an exciting celebration. A great DJ can pack the dance floor in no time without having to tell people to dance. I use the Sweet Caroline Dance Floor Opener every chance I get because it is an effortless and sure fire way to begin with a packed dance floor. CKE Highly recommends the Sweet Caroline Dance Floor Opener.
We transition from Centerpieces, to Group Photo, to Sweet Caroline Dance Floor Opener
This ensures that at the end of the Sweet Caroline interaction everyone is on the dance floor and you start the dancing with a completely full dance floor …DJ will separate the Bride and Groom and split the dance floor in half. So the bride has half of the guests on her side of the dance floor and the groom has the other half. Now we have “Team Bride” and “Team Groom”. Each team sings their part of the song as loud as they can and we “judge” who sings louder.
At the end, it seems like the Groom’s team has won…BUT… the Bride wins and the groom learns a valuable lesson. “For the next 50 years “Bride” always wins…Let’s dance!” Start your dancing with a packed happy dance floor!