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Boston Wedding DJ Tips on Cocktails

Here are some Boston Wedding DJ Tips on Cocktails Cocktail hour or simply Cocktails is the time where we set the tone for your celebration. It should be one hour, no more, no less. If it is less than one hour, then often this means your guests have not had the sufficient amount of time to acclimate and adjust to the new feel of your venue.   If your Cocktails last more than one hour, your guests can begin to be restless and bored and some might make the decision to leave early or they might deice not to dance.   The Cocktail hour is a delicate mechanism and it must be adhered to strictly.   This is one of several small tings that you must keep and eye on and make sure your DJ and your room captain both know that one hour means one hour for cocktails.  People should love the music during the cocktail hour. One hour of music is about 15 songs. Maybe some Motown, Rat Pack, some Sinatra, or Michael Buble?  If they are a wild and crazy bunch then, on rare occasion you might want to bust out some dance music to let them have what they are asking for.  It is a judgment call that can only be made on the spot, in real time.  If you can afford Open Bar, even one hour makes a HUGE difference in how the rest of your celebration goes.  We often joke and say that the two most important words on your wedding day are “open bar”.  Then we correct ourselves and say that we were only kidding …the most important words are “I do.”One or two free drinks can put a group of people in a fantastic mood to enjoy your celebration. Questions? Call Curtis 978-667-8910

Boston Wedding DJ Tips on Cocktails

Bride and groom hold up their glasses during cocktails.

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