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Centerpiece give away. On your wedding day, if you have a good DJ, then trust your DJ to do a fun centerpiece giveaway.
This can be one of the 15 exciting things that we do on your wedding day that will continually wake up, invigorate and engage your guests. You have to continually motivate the people attending or they will tune out and get bored.
Centerpiece give away can be done with no fuss, if you prefer, and it can be skipped altogether and then at the end your celebration, those guests that want them can take them ….
We create an interaction to choose which person at each table wins the centerpiece. This takes about 3 minutes, and it is during dinner, so we do not lose any time. Do not worry about losing dance time.
One person holds up a dollar
One person holds up a Ring of Keys
One person holds up a Pen
One person holds up a Drink
One person holds up a Napkin
The Dj will now instruct your people to pass them around the table – first clockwise and then counterclockwise. Music stops and then one by one we fake announce the winner. Each time the person holding the requested item thinks they have won but we trik them each time and it it is fun, fast and cute. And, it involves every single gust, so this wakes them up and makes them have a good time. It’s good, clean fun. At the end, we give away the centerpiece and ask winners to come up for a photo. This is followed by the group photo of **all** attending your celebration. This centerpiece exercise engages all of your guests and it makes them laugh and enjoy