Curtis Knight Entertainment - Boston Wedding DJ


Bouquet and Garter Toss (Recommended).
The Bouquet and Garter Toss happens after the dance floor is opened, after dinner, during an early lull in the dancing segment. Your CKE DJ will wait for a lull in the dancing and then start the Bouquet and garter Toss.
First we find the “Toss Bouquet” which is an extra ( less expensive ) bouquet that bride has made up by the flower company.
Next, we ask the bride if she is ready for the Bouquet Toss. Tell Groom to be ready too, because he will have to remove the garter as soon as the Bouquet is caught.
Note: Bouquet and Garter Toss should be done earlier rather than later, because guests leave rendering it less climactic and less exciting. We call up all the single and married Ladies. ALL the Ladies. All ages.
Bride tosses Bouquet and one of the females catches it.
Groom retrieves garter. Or, already has it in his pocket if we do not want “hands under the Bride’s gown”.
We call up all the single and married Gentlemen. ALL the Gentlemen. All ages.
Groom Tosses Garter.
We have the Garter catcher sit in chair and we have the Bouquet catcher put the garter over his shoe onto his ankle. It takes 2 seconds and while she does that we play either “Man I feel Like a Woman” or “Dude looks like a Lady”.
Then we ask the couple to pose for an “engagement photo”, and then right back to everyone dancing.
It is quick and usually very funny. As they say in Las Vegas, “Get in, make your mark, and get out.”
This can be a judgment call and you might decide in advance that it will only be done if there is a lull, and that it can be skipped if the dance floor is jammed and “raging” the entire time, in which case, we just dance like crazy monkeys, the entire time and skip the Bouquet and Garter Toss.