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UPGRADE your experience

-Upgrade to our 4x6 hi-def glossy photo prints from the traditional 2x6 strips

-Unlimited prints - perfect for framing and adding to photo albums!

-Photo Booth with 4x6 prints - $1500

It is important to

keep your guests engaged in your celebration from beginning to end. One very nice way is to use the CKE Photo Booth. Our ultra professional Booth Attendant will make your guests feel at ease, excited and happy.  Read our reviews and see why we are voted #1 by the brides of Wedding Wire again this year.  The CKE Photo Booth is simply the best.

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Easier to frame 4x6 prints from the Photo Booth

Perfect for 4x6 frames

Get 4x6 prints for your photo Booth!

4x6 Photo Booth Prints

CKE stays the entire length of the event! Best pictures are near the end!  Props are Included - tons of them Our Camera: Highest quality in the biz.  Photos: Highest quality photos, high resolution images - big negatives Our Booth Size is Expandable booth from 3' x 5' to 5' x 7'. Largest booth there is. Fits 35 people.  Strip Branding: Your strip is branded with our colors, your photo, your name, and event date.  Booth Color: Your event colors are branded in, with uplights at the entrance to the booth.  TV Monitor Branding: The TV monitor in the booth is branded with our names, your date, and your event colors. Number of strips: Included FREE - Every person that comes out of the booth gets a strip. 9 people go into the booth. 9 people are each handed your branded strip when they come out, and all 9 are asked to sign your photo album.  Album: Included FREE - Album is high quality, largest album there is - handed to you at the end of the event.   External TV: A 37" High Def TV monitor outside the booth that shows every visit to the booth!

A packed Photo Booth at Derek and Cassandra's Wedding! Cassandra and Derek's Photo Booth was
AMAZING!       02-28-15
                          A group of people has Plenty of room for up to 35 people in the CKE Photo Booth.Plenty of room for up to 35 people in the CKE Photo Booth.
A crowd of people gathers at a wedding, around the CKE Photo Booth.Always a crowd at the CKE Photo Booth. Happy Bride and her girlfriends in the CKE Photo Booth.Happy Bride and her girlfriends in the CKE Photo Booth.
CKE Photo Booth with so many props and the best 12" x 12" Album included.CKE Photo Booth with so many props and the best 12" x 12" Album included. CKE Photo Booth with external TV shown with lots of guests ready to go in.CKE Photo Booth with external TV!

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