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Senior Citizen of the Year – Elks Lodge, Billerica, MA

The Senior Citizen of the Year Awards Banquet took place this year on May 12th at the Elks Lodge in Billerica, MA.  Everyone enjoyed poignant speeches and gourmet meals as part of the festivities.  This years winner, Joan Parcewski, was especially riveting.  It’s at events like these that we remember how invaluable our senior members of the community are and how much they contribute to the livelihood of all.  To list off just a few of the many wonderful things they do to help us all:

  • They are open and giving to local charities
  • They share their wisdom learned from years of life
  • They babysit our younger members of the community
  • They do great volunteer work in big and little ways throughout the year.
  • And so much more….

Is there anything else you’re senior citizen community members do that you’d like to share?

Please, leave them in the comments below!

Ashley and Chris Wedding Day

Congratulations to Ashley and Chris on their BEAUTIFUL wedding at the CKE Chapel here in Billerica, MA.  After performing their wedding vows and officially “tying-the-knot” inside, we then journeyed outside to take photos and enjoy the beautiful weather.  Ashley, Chris, Ashley’s mother, Paul, and the two kids came together on this most momentous of occasions to create the kind of wedding memories most of us can only dream about.  CONGRATULATIONS Ashley and Chris and may the blessings of your wedding day follow you the rest of your lives!!!

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